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Be a Part of Change in Texas


My Agenda

I ran for school board member, district 4, in May 2022.  Previously, I was not a politically focused person.  I focused on my therapeutic work and my family.  However, after George Floyd and so many stories from the queer community struggling here in our city, I decided to run to ensure that the school district was serving the needs of all of our students across the Lubbock community.  
I intened to run in 2024 to continue to ensure that the voices of the marginazlied populations in Texas are heard and pushed to the forefront of our conversations.

I intend to continue to serve the Lubbock community by attending events for progressive individuals because I believe it is imperative to build trust and to let everyone know that I am here to advocate for every person in Lubbock, even those who oppose me.  Stay tuned and folow me on instagram if you want to see what I am doing day to day until 2024.

Who am I to others?

Wendell D, Pastor

Over the past 18 months of working alongside Bethany, I have come to know her as a passionate professional who embodies the 6 pillars of genuine character. Ms. Luna demonstrates the utmost concern and commitment to advocating for our most vulnerable population, children. Exhibiting character daily, she is selfless in shielding the voiceless victims of crimes and cruelty. I am proud to call Bethany my friend! 

Stephany M, Educator

I have known Bethany for more than twenty years. She has always been an advocate for all people.  It is part of her core being to ensure that all students have access to the tools and resources they need to be successful.

Cody H, Therapist

I  have known Beth professionally and personally for 10 years.  She has proven to be consistently honest, reliable and kind.  I have witnessed Beth be sought out by many for her guidance and friendship. I consider myself very fortunate to have Beth as my friend and colleague.


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