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My Agenda

My mission in running for District 4, Lubbock ISD School Board of Trustees is to serve parents, children and the community of Lubbock.  I have provided support to individuals, families, children, parents and couples in a one on one format for 10 years in a therapy setting.  This campaign is my attempt to serve the community as a whole on a greater platform with far reaching results.  Because I have spent so many years watching parents navigate the education system and accommodations, I have made it a main priority to address the need with intention and energy.  I want to additional attention to ADA accommodations and 504 meetings for parents and teachers as well.

Through many conversations with educators and parents, I understand that our main need in our district is the mentaI health needs of our students and our teachers.  I want to focus on changing the culture of our district from the top down and the bottom up and ensure that our choices are based on students and teachers as individuals and not numbers.

 Safe, secure students are necessary to learn and grow.  We have years of brain research that supports this belief.  I endorse the No School Closure Movement.  Overall, I want to be a listener and increase communication and community engagement within Lubbock ISD.

Who am I to others?

Wendell D, Pastor

Over the past 18 months of working alongside Bethany, I have come to know her as a passionate professional who embodies the 6 pillars of genuine character. Ms. Luna demonstrates the utmost concern and commitment to advocating for our most vulnerable population, children. Exhibiting character daily, she is selfless in shielding the voiceless victims of crimes and cruelty. I am proud to call Bethany my friend! 

Stephany M, Educator

I have known Bethany for more than twenty years. She has always been an advocate for all people.  It is part of her core being to ensure that all students have access to the tools and resources they need to be successful.

Cody H, Therapist

I  have known Beth professionally and personally for 10 years.  She has proven to be consistently honest, reliable and kind.  I have witnessed Beth be sought out by many for her guidance and friendship. I consider myself very fortunate to have Beth as my friend and colleague.


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